Question about monitor on arcade machine

My cousin owns a Street Fighter II: Champion Edition machine and its great. The buttons and sticks are excellent. It sounds and plays great too. The one thing wrong with it is the monitor is shot to shit. After 14 years, the monitor is just used up, at least thats what we think. The problem with it is that it looks great at the character selection screen and intro screen but, when you go to actually fight in stages the monitor slowley turns brighter and has a tint of green to it. Its only durring the fights too which is really weird. So we messed with the knobs under the monitor and made the screen darker and messed with the contrast. Low and behold, the screen looked brand new. So we play around 20 matches on it in Gief’s stage. I decided to pick Gief and eventually lose so we head to Balrog’s stage. As the round is starting the screen slowly starts to get that familiar tint of green and steadily gets brighter. We were so disapointed. So we reset the machine and checked out some of the stages. Oddly enough some of them turn really bright green and others only get slightly brighter. For example: Ken’s and E.Honda’s stage turn really really bright and green to the point where it pisses us off, where as Ryu’s and Gief’s stage only turn slightly lighter and isn’t too noticable.

My questions for you are:

1.) What is wrong with this monitor? Is it just old like we think?

2.) Are there any ways to fix it?

3.) If not, are there any links or tips you could provide on replacing the old monitor with a new one (25" Screen)

Thanks alot.

Nice thanks alot. We thought about the idea of going to the worst stage but just didn’t do it haha. I will post this on, thanks.

So how’s the monitor?

It looks excellent. We messed with the knobbies again and got it to look spectacular. As long as we dont slam the machine (or Bang the Machine) the moniter stays a clear crisp color.