Question About My BnB

I just very recently started playing with Wesker. Ever since vanilla I wanted to learn how to use him but I never really had the patience to do so. Recently, I decided to give me team an upgrade due to the fact that one of my characters was failing me too much, so I decided to replace him. Wesker, was his substitue.
Now, I searched through the forums and on youtube, and I found a BnB that I think is was most people use (im not sure).

The combo is the following:
:d::l:, :d::m:, :h: (Both hits), :qcf::l: (Dash), :df::h:, :d::m:, :h: (both hits), :qcf::m: (Dash), :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, land, :df::h: and then THC.

I have a problem connecting the :d::m: after the first :df::h:. It either teleports me back or doesn’t attack. Sometimes it does the animation but it doesn’t connect. Any tips?

Another thing: Is there any ways to improve this combo with Vergil and/or Hawkeye assists? Im running Hawkeye’s Greyhound Shot (A-Assist), and any Vergil assist that might benefit Wesker.

Thanks so much!

WTF… MvC3 Wesker is like the easiest character to learn and use in any fighting game ever made.

To answer your question though I think you just need to wait a little bit longer before pressing cr. M… it isnt instant.

Hulk is easier :slight_smile:
But thanks for the tip anyways :slight_smile:

Hulk is actually harder to play than Wesker. Online against terrible players sure Hulk might be easier but Wesker is by far the easiest character to be effective with in this game… he is so braindead.

Don’t do the cr M right after gun shot because gun shot is cancel able with a teleport. so you do cr.M right after gun shot you get back teleport. so you have to wait a moment to connect it.

That is a good basic bnb with Wesker. the most common one actually because it does a decent amount of damage.

Also if you want to get Wesker out by DHC after you launch, M,M,H don’t do S but just go into Maximum Wesker ( Phantom Dance w.e.) and then DHC after a couple hits

I believe you can add qcf H~H after 2 hits of s.H, before qcf L~L and do the rest of your combo.