Question about nulldc/mac/bootcamp/TE Stick

I’m getting a 21.5" iMac in the next few months I know that there isn’t a DC emulator for mac that runs well. So I’ll end up installing Windows XP through boot camp. My question is will nulldc and my TE Stick still work with XP installed in a boot camp environment. If I’m leaving anything out just let me know.

Windows in Bootcamp is not different in any way.

Do you think that the iMac in the link is powerful enough to run DC games at 100%?

Your going to be fine. I have (actually had) nullDC running on my macbook pro (on windows xp) and it ran mvc2 at a good 60fps 98% of the time so i consider that about 100%. I have my TE running as well with xpadder for my keys. (No issues there) The iMac is obviously faster than the macbook pro so your going to be a ok.

Thanks. Do I need to get an OEM copy??? I was looking at this 90 bucks isn’t too bad for a full version of xp.

OEM copy will work just fine, but if you try and activate it on a 2nd computer, you’ll just have to call MS to get it activated because OEM’s are only supposed to go to one computer, ever. (but who the hell really follows that?)