Question about NY Knicks and Chicago bulls, on who to see play live?


I am visiting America in October for about 10 days and staying at NY, I believe during that time should be a pre season game I can see.

I am going to do a VIP package for one of these teams which is quite a lot and I want to get the most from the best of these 2.

I am hoping to meet John Starks for NY for a meet and greet, dinner and autograph and maybe Scottie Pippen for the bulls but W/O the dinner if he is around but Starks is near enough guaranteed to be there.

I will also get court side photos, decent seats, goodie bags and possibly some other stuff.

Which team should I go to see in your opinion. I used to watch basketball in the 90’s in England and know the main guys who used to play that time AKA NBA JAM

I would like people’s opinions on which team is better and stuff to watch, I believe Bulls will face milwaukee and Memphis when I visit. NY hasn’t got their pre season yet but hopefully will in 2 weeks and I will look to book it then if NY is favoured.


As the leading authority in the NBA thread, I think everyone will agree with me when I say that you are much better off taking a bus ride to Toronto and seeing Vince Carter and the Toronto Raptors.
Might be a little pricey, but it will be worth it.


Vince Carter hasn’t played for them since 2004 and the Raptors fan experience package suck compared to Knicks and Bulls


Hey Mr. Rich McFancypants, the NBA thread is still on the first page. That said, wtf do you want to meet John Starks for?


Oh I didn;t see that thread, let this thread be deleted and I will move my first post to that thread then

also ironic to call me that when you have Carlton Banks in your avatar


NY has selfish one tool ballhog Carmelo Anthony, therefore you should see the Bulls by default.


but which team is actually better out of the two?

cause tthat’s the most famous players form the 90’s I can meet like this when I come for my holiday

I asked about Ewing, Jordan and they all got jobs now, hell even Pippen is no guarantee, so I got to go with Starks