Question about Obvious Combos, Punishes, etc

This is a SERIOUS thread, in response mostly to watching OODLES of match videos, including Japanese 3S matches. I have seen chances for players to end a round or a match or simply maximize damage output when they have the perfect opening, but I occasionally see missed opportunities. Maybe these opportunities aren’t as obvious as I think they are?

These missed opportunities do NOT seem to be based on nervousness or execution errors. I’m not even sure if it’s a lack of awareness of damage options, or players being too focused/distracted with their own strategies to notice such opportunities or alternatives to what they’re doing. I’m not even talking about conserving meter, as I often see this during a round that could have ended the whole match at that moment.

What I MOSTLY want to do with this thread is give examples, and I hope to get explanations. I might have already listed some possible answers to my inquiries :slight_smile:

I’ll start by listing some examples. I’ve seen Necro players using SAI and not finishing an opponent after a db+hp w/ SAI in the corner.

For Dudley, I see many a player connect a t+mk but not cancel into a dp because s/he is most likely considering using it as a link for SAI/SAIII, a poke as a throw tick, or, to precede the low chain/ x 2 mix-up. I’m only referring to situations when the t+mk was in range to connect into a dp, OR even a chip opportunity w/ dp XX SAIII. If the player can’t hit-confirm the t+mk, Dudley has a chain off it too (t+mk,, st.hp that the comp/AI often uses on me when I’m practicing).

Alex’s elbow slash (also ex slash, I think) isn’t always cancelled into SAII when it would end the match. I seldom think of that partic case, myself, though.

Could be they’re just unaware, or failed the execution. If nervousness/ execution wasn’t an issue, you’d be playing like Kuroda, but even he misses some opportunities.

Yeah I see Goukis use jab shoryu all the time in guaranteed situations and it puzzles me… it doesn’t do more damage or stun, does it just looker cooler or something?

well it could be a matter of being afraid of missing the last two hits. I think even after lk tatsu if only the first hit of the uppercut hits they reset.

as for those other situations, I notice people giving away opportunities and it’s usually because of accidental parries that they option selected into grab or some other stupid move. I think anyway. Dudley’s are always mashing and seldom think otuside of a vic match.

never seen that happen

lp srk after lk tatsu gives better wakeup options

guess it’s only when grounded that the other two hits miss. whatever akuma players suck anyway.

it could also be that some of these attacks set up for bullets on their gameplan. Like the way akuma’s do the cross up after a roundhouse tatsu or something.

ya I remember rai an aka let blood run telling me one of boss’s common set ups with gouki against chun is after dive kick, cl forward, jab srk, he’d have some nasty cross up, but he couldn’t remember it exactly.

i remember seeing boss do a pretty sick cross up vs chun after sa1. regular jump forward, and then rh or mk empty dive kick i think. i dont remember 100%

-akuma’s jab dp after tatsu does the most damage if the tatsu hit at a far range; the fp dp will not connect all 3 hits
-if the dudley was attacking another person in a chip-death status, why would he need to confirm the f+mk?
-alex ex into super to end the round makes sense also.

the last 2 scenarios make sense when it comes to winning the round. But it also means that you need to waste a full bar for dudley, and 1.3 bars for alex. The game requires you to win more than 1 round. Risk vs Reward shows that you should save the meter and continue the round and win with more meter

Hp srk does maximum damage if you land all 3 hits

Lp srk is guaranteed 1 hit with decent damage, with better wake up.

Or theyre just being flashy

They might be trying to throw off the timing of the opponent’s presumed red-parry attempt :slight_smile: Ppl LOVE to red-parry the last hit of Duds’ SAIII, so I’m sure some players try to red-parry the whole thing (it’s hard to tell they’re attempting it unless they succeed).

I think some players use lp srk for Akuma after the lk tatsu cos he lands earlier. Maybe they’re about to get meter for SAI and hope they build enough to be able to cancel into SAI, and canceling hp or even mp srk into SAI, instead, won’t get all the hits (if the opponent is THAT close to dying)??

PHEW! I’m glad to see this thread wasn’t so self-explanatory, cos I finally got replies :smiley: lol

There is another thing I’m always worrying about. Assuming it’s not going to kill him and the round just started but we both have meter. I will always hold out on finishing a super combo in an attempt to keep the playing field even after the super flash. I hate being in a no meter (me) vs stock and a half situation. I need those flashing colors as a warning that if you fuck up and are too far an uppercut combo, you’re gonna eat a super. People always play smarter with that threat and I need people thinking they can outsmart me for anything to really go down in the field. I hate footsies, I think they ruin this game, because after so many years of the same game, I feel like you shouldn’t really need to feel out any newcomers unless you’re sure they’re better than you and that won’t happen til after the first round.

lol random

if you’re going to disregard all the suggestions people give you in response to your original post, this thread is really useless

He tends to do that, yeah…

No such thing as a useless thread or a useless question.

People fuck up sometimes. Have seen Kuroda fail to cancel Q’s s.MK into SA1 more than once on yt. Then again, if I’m noticing that sort of thing it’s because they rarely mess up to begin with

Also sometimes players apparently don’t feel like being flashy even if it’ll net them some extra damage. Seen several match videos of Dudley players having meter for juggles yet punishing a whiffed DP (or whatever) with a cr.MP xx SA3 or a st. HK xx SA3, or a normal xx Jet Upper xx SA3

roundhouse to upper deals sick stun!

Uh…did I seem to be disregarding?! I’m sorry. I take EVERYTHING I get into account, but I guess it’s not obvious cos I don’t want to be a blabbermouth and ramble too much cos that will annoy ppl MORE. My behavior is based on previous experiences in conversation (though I realize not everyone will have the same reaction to the same situation, so maybe I’m overanalyzing). I try to condense what I’m going to say, so what I type is often an edited version. I just wanted to add to ppls’ replies by commenting on what they made me consider as an addition. I’m socially awkward and basically a hermit, so I don’t make sense to ppl, usually. It’s AMAZING to see what’s obvious to some, but not to others. It’s usually unintentional to be unobservant, I’d say.

I’ll go ahead and reply to the advice and suggestions I got. I’m just wary of regurgitating and trying too hard to be friendly and polite cos then that seems like gushing. I’m still working on it…