Question about officially released 3rd Strike CDs for fellow soundtrack nerds

I’m looking to see if anyone here is very knowledgeable about some really specific, nerdy details about the officially released 3rd Strike soundtrack CDs. I hear there was an officially released CD of the 3rd Strike arranged soundtrack, the one that is the same as the console versions, as opposed to just the original soundtrack with the original arcade versions of the tracks. However, I’m not certain that this is true. If that is true, does anyone here know about it, and possibly have a picture of its album art? There is a website that provides very specific information on officially released video game soundtrack CDs, vgmdb[dot]net, but they only show two versions of the original soundtrack: the original Japanese two-disc set that has all of the original lo-fi arcade tracks on the first disc, with extended hi-fi cuts of the tracks recorded by rapper Infinite on the second disc (which was only released a couple of months after and probably to coincide with the arcade game, before there was any console version), and then there is what seems to be just the American re-release of the same exact contents, except without the second disc, probably to coincide with the release of the console version, but it still seems to be the original lo-fi arcade tracks, if I am not mistaken. There are MP3s floating around on the internet of all of the hi-fi arranged tracks, so I’m wondering if these were just ripped from the console version, or if there is actually an official CD out there somewhere. If anyone knows, please fill me in.

So far, the only CD that ever got released of the 3S soundtrack is the arcade one. If you see any arranged soundtracks online, they ripped it from either the Dreamcast or PS2.

yeah, i have the american release (published by mars colony) and it’s the arcade music. i think a common complaint in the early days was that it only loops each song once, whereas the japanese one loops twice and contains the extra Infinite tracks. there’s also an ost that came with the sfac bradygames guide,which i believe is the same as the mars colony release, but i remember the disc art looking different.

funny how back then i wanted the arranged music but couldn’t get it anywhere, and now i only want to play the game with the originals.

So . . . . how do I go about ripping the music off of my Dreamcast 3S disc?

I would say the person who ripped it most likely popped their disc into their computer and downloaded an emulator that had an option to record audio. There’s a few different ways you could do it, though.

people were ripping those tracks before dc emulation was around. iirc, it involved ripping the adx audio files from the game and just converting them to more convenient formats like mp3. i don’t think you can do it with a legit dc disc though. should be fairly easy to find those tracks and i wouldn’t be too worried about legality since the arranged music was never sold as a retail soundtrack (to my knowledge anyway).

What about with a PS2 disc?

I’ve got the original arcade soundtrack(no arranged tracks, 320 kbps)…

I could just upload that, interested? I guess it would cut your work short slightly…

There’s already a torrent floating around that has the arranged tracks ripped for you. You could easily find it on Google. Whether it’s the DC or PS2 version, if you really want to rip it yourself, probably the easiest way is to just download an emulator that has the option to record audio, and then go into sound test in the options and record whatever you want from there.

That would be god-like

Haha, this upload is slow as hell…

37 min and counting…

I’ll PM when done…


Credits goes to !!! (demon2warrior) he rpped and tagged all the tracks.

^ Jesus… well done…

Always wanted the arranged soundtrack…

some of us are in the process of creating a new 3S site to compile all of the info. Do you think Demon would mind us linking to these threads?

I can’t anwser this question, but here you can find contact with !!! -

I have a feeling the music in 3SOE was encoded in a lossy format, seeing as how the entire game’s file size is under a few hundred megabytes.

What soundtrack did this come from?

If you never heard the announcer say “third strike” or “fight for the future”, make sure to check it out.

Old console arranged. It was a bonus track after Moving On.

It plays during the credits on the console version. It’s also on the second disc of the Japanese version of the original soundtrack.