Question about old school happ


Will old school happ ultimate red bat top \ shaft fit in happ p360?


Looking at the specs on Suzo-Happs website I would lean towards ‘probably’ or at the very least ‘close enough’ (i.e. minor modifications to induce a good fit). Also, just to make sure, when you’re referring to Ultimate you’re referring to an olde time copy of this, yes?


yeah that or i would just buy an old ultimate. either way.



Next question. I found some information that says a wico ball top shaft will fit in a hap 360 (all though its a little short) has anyone actually done this here? it seems like it would be too short to work in a wood panel although i am planning to throw it in a metal panel if i do it. any confirmation?

thanks in advance!


I have tried this. Here’s the thing. Wico ball tops come in two lengths that I will describe relative to Happy P360s. A bit too short and way too short. You’re also, likely, going to have zero choice in what color you end up with.


Figured. Ty. Red is good for me ty!!!


Usually Red or Black, and I never seen both red and black Wico ball tops sold in the same place at the same time.
I only saw reproduction Ball tops in Red.

I forgot who made custom shafts for the old Wico that accepts standard Japanese ball tops.


Nah, there are lots of colors available and I just remembered where. Tada!!!

@sethian0 while you should probably pick up both lengths it’s more likely than not that the 4" length is going to work best for what I think you’re trying to accomplish in which case enjoy some ugly ass color choices.


thanks I am going to see if Joe has some compatible dragon bat top for the perfect 360


although my other optical stick has a ball top so i may try to fit a red ultimate shaft in it


Bought some stuff off the eBays recently for my build:

Wico Yellow Ball Top Leafswitch Joystick RARE

IL Brand 1 Happ Competition 8 Way Joystick Arcade Jamma Mame TM

Planning to di test fits it in both WICO and HAPP P360’s

Will let you know how it goes @sethian0.


thanks a bunch!!! better hurry up with that optical build. I am working on #2 and have most parts for #3 down the road =) I can’t wait to see yours! #2 will most likely consist of those old school red ones we got with a custom compact happ box from @jasenhicks . #3 will probably be the 8 white ones in a revamped sf anniversary box (but that will be far down the road). the good news about #2 will be if i lose i can smash someone’s skull with the panzer =)





well funny turn of events. my cousin wants a stick so i think i will donate the sf case to him (but keep the buttons hehehe)


@Feargus001100 I just bought a Happ ultimate shaft, so I will confirm if it fits with the p360 as well. TTYL!


@Feargus001100 @Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0 Just verified. Happ ultimate shaft is too thin to fit in happ 360. Oh well.


has anyone ever tried sticking ANY happ shaft in a suzo 500 or inductive? ill try when i get my parts but just curious.