Question about oni shoryu

Does any of the versions have any startup invincibility because it seems like I trade with all versions

As far as I know, LP has no invincibility but MP and HP do, they’re just slow startup so sometimes they lose anyway. EX I’m pretty sure has full invincibility even a bit as he rises.

I read something about that on here somewhere (can’t remember which post) and that seems to be true in my experience so far.

my lp.srk has traded as an AA. the only way the lp seems to be completely invincible is as a wake-up move.

on the ground the lp.srk beats mostly everything.

in which way did it trade?

I trade alot honestly. Before AE came out I was learning Sagat and you AA as early as possible with him in super for trades or counterhit damage high in the air. With Oni however you want it to hit as deep as possible instead, takes some adjustment in your timing.

LP SRK isn’t good on wakeup against jumpins but fine against everything else. Weird. Could be that he only has lower/front body invul on it or something.

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i dont find myself trading much either, Onis srk is probably the worst as AA but it gets the job done against jump in at least, try mp if you keep having ther same problem

Trading with stuff on the floor, or in the air?

Man questions like this would be totally irrelevant if we had the same frame data for Oni that is already available for every other character.
Whats taking so long anyway… I really dont know what all goes into calculating frame data, but if I had the tools I would def spend the time to get the numbers for everyone.

To me it doesnt seem like I trade very ofter at all with Oni’s SRK. This is something that I got used to juggleing after with Sagat. And I keep want to try things after a AA SRK trade but it doesnt seem to happen.

So far what are ppl juggling with after a L SRK AA:
H Tatsu
EX Fireball

Does M Stomp combo???

Personally I just use Forward + Hard Kick after LP AA SRK. I think I should probably work H Tatsu in depending on whether I want to follow up or zone.

I just cant believe his srk cant be fadc’d on block that has got to be the biggest ripoff ever. He the only shoto that cant do it. Its like they think he would be broken or sumthin if they made it so he could but to be honest his srk sucks. Its by far the worst for wakeup as people can actually safe jump it (or so it seems).

So come on capcom give us our damn fadc capability we supposed to be almost godly for christsake and mear mortals like ryu can do it!!!

Also stomp should combo after an fadc i mean you actually pass right through them while they are still in the air.

the fact that you can’t FADC blocked srk should teach players not to gamble on throwing out srks for no reason. i think it’s fine.

i’m also pretty sure it’s similar to all other srks in the the mp, hp, ex versions have a lot of invincibility whereas the lp does not

like a SRK? u want 2 types of srk moves? sounds cheap.