Question about online modes on XboxLive

I play this game pretty frequently (understatement) and Ive noticed a complete absence of people doing Tournament mode and to a slightly lesser extent, Team. Like once every couple days Ill be lucky to get a team battle… Question is, whats the deal? A ton of people always on Endless but sometimes its hard to find a match even in Ranked if I set it to best of 5 rounds… Those modes are fun once in a while tho I dont care for them all too much, but for there to be literally NO ONE in Tournament?

Tournament mode seems to be a waste of time. A lot of players would rather just play endless because it turns out to be the same. Team mode, I understand a bit because it can cover a 3v3 game.

But nobody???

to simply put, if the masses aren’t interested, they won’t play, and when people want to play they won’t find any room because no one has a room open…and then no one plays it altogether…that’s what happens when it doesn’t get enough exposure from the start.

Nobody wants to wait for people to join Tournament Mode, so its pretty stupid to look for “random” tournaments to be a part of.

Tournament mode serves for better purposes if its hosted from an actual OFFLINE schedule, replicated online. I have played Tournament mode twice for a few facebook tournaments I entered, but other than that, it’s not your standard mode of play.

SIDEBAR: I’d like to take the time to hijack this thread to give some advice that has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. If you are going to take a break from a video game (like SF4), please don’t take too long off. IN a short amount of time, you’ll (Me) will forget how to think on the go, how to execute well, and how to NOT suck. Sorry, but just wanted to share this moment of failure with my coplayers.