Question about online play

I’m not very good, and I’m aware of that, but I’ve noticed that 3 times tonight I’ve been beaten by people who just spam the same 2 or 3 moves while I can’t hit them. How do I counter this? I’ve been using Wesker/Deadpool/Sentinel and just have no clue how to stop spammers.

Well first of all you will have to say what the moves are.

Don’t play online.


Well, the worst was Doctor Doom’s Beam, one of the others was another beam attack which I used Deadpool to duck under a few times, but lost because I took too long to get there, and the last was Dante’s air pistols, and then the spinning kick from Akuma when I finally killed Dante (that was more annoying than damaging, since he was not above me…), which I am aware now that it is an infinite loop.

You think that’s bad, try being She-Hulk while getting locked down by Sentinel beam + Doom beam assist at the same time. I think just super jumping is the basic thing to do to get out of beams.
Unless your character has any other options like flight, air dash, teleport or a really quick full screen move like Dormammus chaotic flame super.
But I’m no expert myself.


ive found that you can just block with deadpool or wesker maybe and just build up your hypercombo bar and if they are just spamming a beam attack you can just use deadpools hyper combo where he just shoots at the opponent and then follow up with weskers go nuts around the screen to get them off the ground for a while

thanks to lag, the obvious ways to deal with these things is difficult. Super jumping and holding back has helped me. It took me a while to realize air recovery was automatic though (i think).