Question about open world games


Games that you can beat, but keep playing after you’ve defeated the boss…

Why are you not “God”, the King, or whatever?

I mean after you save everyone, shit from stores should be free, random NPC’s shouldnt slight you, and generally everybody should be kissing your ass, especially if you saved the universe/planet/dimension/whatever. I mean, you wouldnt have a store if I didnt everyone, I deserve a $free.99 discount, right?

Anyone else dislike this oversight of open world games?


In Saints Row IV, you become the President of the United States at the beginning of the game. Everybody who plays that series knows the more stores/territories you buy or own, the more discounts and free shit you get.

I think that might help with your dilemna right there. Even if you beat the game, you’re still the President


There are dozens of issues like the one you described within every single sandbox game. 99% Of these issues is simply due to technology not being advanced enough to deliver on a true sandbox experience, so compromises are made. Gaming technology that gives players countless choices that have equally countless, deeply intricate, and long lasting consequences in real time and are completely unscripted is still probably a few decades away.

That being said there are many sandbox games push current technology to it’s limit and do an amazing job giving players the illusion of the true sandbox experience.


On midnight club la you have access to all the cars and their mods for free after the end of the game


I don’t think I’ve ever finished a sandbox game. I always get distracted and dick around while piling up a million quests that I’m never motivated to finish