Question about option select

I understand what option select is, but I am a little unsure if/how you can option select special attacks in SF4/SSF4. Is it inputing the special moves motion before pressing the corresponding option select buttons? Is there a delay in inputs needed? I am a little lost in this regard. I couldn’t find a thread explaining this and i’m sorry if this a blatantly obvious answer. I’m, just not seeing it.

c:lp: > c:lp: or c:hk: option select:
The timing for the jabs is the same as doing an ordinary c:lp::lp: blockstring or combo. The c:hk: is done just before the second :lp:, almost like plinking it.

Safe jump j:hp: > EX shoryu or nothing option select:
Jump, :dp:+:mp:+:hp:
If you want a regular shoryu, either do :dp:+:mp:+:hk: instead, or do :hp::dp:+:mp:. The second method is more execution intensive but allows you to still use j:hp:.

You should be able to figure out any other option selects by applying the concepts from these two.

Thank you for the reply, I just have one question.

The second one, is it inputting the :hp: right before the :dp:+:mp: or does the :hp: pressed with the first input of the :dp: ?

You can do the :hp: anywhere during the :dp: motion.

iirc, if you release :hp: on the same frame you hit :mp:, negative edge will cause your shoryu to be EX shoryu. Be careful of that if that’s the case.