Question about ordering from Play-Asia and Japan in general

So I’m looking into importing some games from Play-Asia, most notably Garou and CvS 2. It seems like when I look fighting games up the original version is out of stock but something called “The Best” is usually in stock. They all have different covers like this:

Question is: Are these any different then the regular PS2 versions?

The “The Best” titles are just like the Greatest Hits games over here. It’s just a reissue of the same game.

Sometimes “The Best” rereleases have a few bugfixes and what-not.

The Capkore version of Hyper SF2 is a example of this. In the original version of HSF2, Claw’s command for his wall dive is charge down, kick, then hit up. But in the Capkore version of the game, it’s the normal charge down, up, kick command. The Super version of Sagat plays differently as well, and ST characters can tech Super characters’ throw.

But other than that, the rereleases should be good.