Question about padhacking


im about to get to work on my first padhacks, a genesis controller and a ps1 controller, and wanted to make sure i knew what i was doing before i started.

for the genesis controller ( this 6 button one) do i have to solder to the one marked ground spot, or can i solder to the oppisite end of any button signal and use that as my ground?

and on the ps1 controller ( this one) do i have to solder to both grounds, or do i just pick one and run it to my buttons and joystick?


For any common ground PCB, you only need to solder to one ground and daisy chain it to all buttons’ signals and stick… This ground can be the ones specified on the diagram and then there are also ground nearby most buttons’ signal.

For many of the PS1 controllers, notice the shoulder buttons (L1 and L2, R1 and R2) have several areas to solder signals to. Notice the 3 pointed soldered areas on both the bottom left and bottom right parts of the controller (They look kinda like this: ^^^). These are usually sites where you can solder L1, common ground, L2, and R1, common ground, R2, respectively.


what’s the easiest way to remove the black stuff on the ps pcb ?


Scratch away at it with an X-acto knife until you see some shiny copper. Solder to the copper.

I tin my wire with solder, and heat and tin the copper with solder as well. Then apply the tinned wire to the tinned copper. This technique is called “tinning”.

Check out more techniques on slagcoin. I’m here to answer whatever questions I can, too, though.