Question about Parry and SGGK

I’ve been training Yun/Yang Zenpou tenshin SGGK, but something started to bother me

When entering the parry motions (forward, down) I usually press them with a little time gap in between, for safety between parries.

Is there a frame limitation between parry execution? If I press forward then down rapidly, will both count as potential parries?

Taking into an example, let’s say Yun is wake up pressuring Chun-li. Yun performs SGGK on Chun’s wake up. If SGGK parries are done quickly, Chun’s immediate high and low attacks can be blocked with both parry inputs? or a lag between them is necessary to be registered?

And, should one input forward and down at which speed, to perform succesful SGGK?
even seeing videos I can’t get it…

Thanks in advance!

eh, as far as im aware it can only be FORWARD **or ** DOWN,
having to input down and forward , i think will just register the later.

you can parry every 20 to 25 frames i think, so no. well someone more educated should take this. disregard me

I’m pretty sure you can parry down then forward, or forward then down without any wait in between, but I’m not sure. If you do though, you’d probably have to hit neutral in between.

Jinrai wrote a post about this.
If you parry something successfully, it resets the parry limit.
You can only parry once every 21 frames on the ground.
However, pressing down after a high parry attempt will also reset the parry limit and let you parry forward again right away.

Ah, I see
Thanks for the info people!

I tried to replace the command to forward, down(for parry limit reset), down, back, lp+lk+mk
It seems safer, and lots of low parries comes out

but some speed notion would also help a lot…
I saw once that the front parry is done to prevent only rapid reversals and UOHs, due to low parry safety to most standing moves as well, and I time the front parry somewhat earlier on wakeup and down parry a little later, then proceed to the rest

Good thing is that if you see the down parry, you can go for beef damage launcher mk GJ lol

There is this SGGK too, where you input down, down forward, forward, mk+lp+lk, QCF, upforward, drum punches from lp (or just lp).

If you parry anything, any of the attacks will come out, lp and lk case, comboing to lp lunge, and mk into beef GJ, and if nothing happens, throw. It’s good after whiffed dive kick on wakeup