Question about PC version - playing without GFWL possible?

Can I play (and patch up to 2012) the SF:AE version without having a GFWL account? I just plan to play offline, but heard you need the account to play online. Is it the same for offline? I don’t care about saving data or the state of the game either.
Hope it helps.

Yes, you can play completely offline. The game will warn you everytime you launch it though, as there is no local save feature.
The patch is applied through Steam, before GFWL login. You don’t need to do anything about it.

The game will install the GFWL framework though. It needs it to run.

The patch is necessary, though, because vanilla AE prepatch is a tad… restricted if you’re not online. The patch removed the crappy DRM. After patching you have full offline functionality and all characters and all that jazz, no need for a GFWL account.

Thanks for the info, all. Will be picking this up soon.