Question about playing against Vergil

I can’t seem to deal with Vergil throwing out 3284725253 normals while I’m stuck in the corner, unable to stop blocking. It feels like almost nothing he does is punishable. My friend (plays Vergil/Doom/Wesker) is quite a bit better than me, and we tend to spar a lot for practice, but I just have so much trouble beating his team. I can pull off wins if I get rid of Vergil easily/early, but I just don’t really know the best method of getting out of that corner trap and taking him down.

He’s quite fragile and I’m a Haggar player so once I get ahold of him I can kill him pretty easily, I just need to know if you guys have any suggestions of characters who’s normals can beat his after a block, or if there’s anything else I can do?

Vergil? Not punishable? You gotta make him whiff, he’s not punishable on block if he keeps cancelling into stuff. If you’re caught in the corner, pushblock. Watch for teleports and rapid slash mixups – characters like Vergil tend to not pressure you in the corner for too long if you block for a second or two because teleports put them behind you.

Yeah, it’s specifically dealing with blocking, and if he can’t land a hit he just teleports. I guess I’ll have to work on being more aggressive with pushblocking and predicting teleports.