Question about plinking

Is there anyway to plink cr.lp? I tried it with lp+lk, and even though lp still came out I know that the game system reads cr.lp+lk as lk and a grab tech. Just wanted to know. I didnt find a question answer thread here (which i found weird) so i just made a new thread for it.

You can plink jab and short with select.

what about standing lp?

same, use the select buton.
Also, you didn’t find the answer for your question because you are looking in the wrong section. If you have more questions, try Newbie Sakyio dojo section, you have all the answers there, including about plinking. That’s the right place for the kind of threads you are making.

Wait select? Like beside the start button? How am i suppose to do that conveniently

You can’t. You need to do modding on your joystick if I’m not mistaken, and if you’re using pad, then no luck; you just gotta learn to time it.

To clarify, you can plink LK with LP. So you press LK and right after, you press LP, like a normal plink.

But in order to plink LP, you have to use the select button. It’s retarded how select somehow has better button priority, but it’s how it is. You have to re-wire your buttons in order to do it. So you move the ‘select’ button wires to one of the face buttons, and tada, you can plink it.

I consider it cheating, but that’s just me.

I think id rather learn timing

Well that’s a given. Learning plinking doesn’t mean a damn thing if you don’t know the basic timing for landing tight links in combos. What plinking does is provide accuracy. Plinking provides extra chances to land links, in the same way that double tapping insures accuracy for inputs.

Some people plink ALL of their links, some people don’t bother using it at all. Doesn’t matter which you go for, as long as you’re able to land combos consistently, who gives a shit what method you use to get there.

Yea I know what its used for. Its just that it would be useful for E. Ryu and his lk axe kick fadc. Im finding its better as a footsie link since it bring you much closer to your opponent off a 2mk and have the lk axe kick fadced. Although I recorded the frame data for it and its a tight +3 on hit after the fadc so its gonna be hard. Also, I noticed 2lp comes out when a plink it with 2lp+lk so im guessing its a plink too?

Having trouble understanding what you’re saying. So you’re trying to do LK axe kick FADC ?? Where’s the tight link that you’re attempting? LK axe kick may be +3 on hit, but you have to calculate how long it takes E.Ryu to finish his dash along with inputting the next attack, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

Show me the exact inputs you’re getting. You seem to be mixing joystick notation along with number of moves you’re doing. Kicks have priorities punches when they’re of the same strength. Higher strength attacks have more priority than low strength attacks. So in terms of button priority: HK>HP>MK>MP>LK>LP>Select.

ok the combo im trying to do is > lk axe kick > fadc > cr.lp (trying to use that to link into st.hp). I have it on pc so i used fraps to see how many frames i have to get the link and counted about 4 frames. Started testing it out to find out that its actually 3 frames. Thats why im trying to plink it. But what im saying is, say if i were to plink>, i would get the mk instead. But when i plink cr.lp>, i get the cr.lp still

^ If I understand your phrasing… You are getting cr.lp because you are chain canceling the second jab.

Edit: Also, you can’t plink cr. jab, (You would have to use select as it is the only input with less priority.)
If you can link cr.lp>st.hp for your hitconfirm then I don’t see why you can’t link the crouching jab after FADC. I just tested it, the combo works. It is a scary hitconfirm.

Fadc the low forward > light axe kick, and visually hitconfirm afterward. I just tested it, it is very unsafe on block.

lk axekick fadc is +3. You should be using close mp after the fadc though, which is plinkable.

If the opponent is crouching, just finish with something else that doesn’t involve lk tatsu. Going for the close hp isnt worth it in this case.

^ I don’t play E.Ryu, so someone please put this under scrutiny… but…

CH low forward can be cancelled into mk axe kick. I don’t know how good his footsies are, but it seems a lot better…

It’s impossible to confirm the CH cr. mk before you cancel into mk axekick, so it’s not that useful. In a neutral situation you will never get a CH reliably anyway since his is so slow.

The short answer to the OP is that no jab can be plinked on unmodded controllers, so going for it after lk axekick is not worth it. He has good reason for trying to get max damage off of a, but that discussion is more suited to the eryu forums.

CH? OP? Someone please explain. And I didn’t even see that ghost, plus it combos into mk axe kick. Forget the lp haha thanks alot

CH = counterhit. OP = original poster.

I just noticed the reason I want cr.lp is because it links into cl.hp which forces stand, meaning i can get a lk tatsu in. I guess I just gotta practice timing