Question about poking


I’ve learned all the combos and memorized them from this video

I’ve got the understanding of how to combo but when I play online vs a friend of mine who is good, I feel like I’m just smashing randoms buttons and hoping that they hit and seeing which works most of the time, except it doesn’t…I just get rushed down by his karin

I know how to space from playing tekken and to be patient and block but Idk or understand which move is the best for each scenario like I do in tekken.

I can do all those combos and don’t understand frame data in sf or even know any or how it works.

any tips on this subject would be highly appreciated…I’ve only been playing for 4 days.


Frames are pretty simple. The game runs at 60 frames per second. Moves have different 3 “phases”. Initially only the hurtbox is present (startup phase), then the hitbox appears (active phase), then only the hurtbox is present again (recovery). Each phase lasts a different number of frames for every move.

Regarding pokes, good long-range pokes will have good range, and fast startup and recovery frames so that they’re relatively safe. Usually these kinds of moves can’t be canceled to continue into a combo, so they’re really specialized for zoning rather than damage.

As an opponent gets closer to you, generally you’re going to want to use the fastest move that can hit at a given range range, so transition from cr. mk to cr. lk as they move closer, for example. You’ll need to look at your character’s frame data to have a more detailed view.


As ryu you have two godlike moves Standing Medium Punch and Crouching Medium Punch. Crouching has better range but Standing leads to better combos and more damage. more good pokes that leads into damage is Back Hard kick and forward hard punch


ok thanks

is there any video tutorials that anyone could link or guides so I make sure I’m understanding it.

I prob should watch more matches.