Question About Potential Time Conflict Involving SFxT


Hi. I am the registered team member of my SFxT team; I found my pool and everything seems to be in order. However, my teammate’s Marvel pool is scheduled to start at the same time as our SFxT pool. Is there a recommended way to try to avoid this potential time conflict? Should we address this with the respective Marvel and SFxT judges before our pools start? We certainly don’t want to delay the pools, but would there be a way to coordinate our playing SFxT at the beginning of the SFxT pool time and my teammate playing his Marvel game at the end of his Marvel pool schedule?

Thanks for any suggestions.


This is happening to me as well.
My partner is Comboman70, our pool is Saturday, 8AM, and this is also his UMvC3’s pool time.


Just have your partner show up at the beginning of each match and activate pandora immediately.

You’ll probably only have to play two games this way, too, so it should help alleviate the unfortunate double-booking.


I am glad that im not the only one running into this issue as well i was wondering the same thing since my partner’s kof pool starts off at the same time as well.


@deadfrog: Given how “good” my teammate and I are at SFxT, playing the match through and activating Pandora will almost be equivalent ; )

My teammate and I are, frankly speaking, not much of a threat to go deep in our bracket. And my teammate probably won’t get that far in his Marvel pool either. So the amount of actual play time that might overlap is relatively small in our case. But thinking about this a little more, this situation has the potential to become quite a large problem particularly for a team that has the capability of lasting through several matches within their pool (because that team could need to be on call for the entire 2 hour period of their pool). If my understanding is correct, I’m not even sure how you’d fix this issue. With approximately 450 teams that are only identified by the player that bought the registration, there are still 450 teammates who are essentially unknown to the tournament directors and who may be scheduled to play either KOFXIII, MK9 or Marvel at the same time.

I’m optimistic that Mr. Wizard and the other EVO folks have a solution for this. I’ve only been to one other tournament, so I’m not well-versed in how pools are run. But I wonder if they ought to start collecting the identities of both members of each SFxT team so as to determine the actual size of the problem.


I should add that I’m not trying to stir up any trouble (which I’d like to emphasize just because things can often be misinterpreted in these kinds of forums) by considering this issue. Rather I was just hoping to point out a potential dilemma that may have gone unnoticed. I’m happy to try to help with whatever solution is determined to be the best. This will be my first EVO and I’m completely hyped about going!


COnflicts happen every year. Just make sure to tell both pool officials at the start and pay attention to both brackets.


just notify the offical of BOTH pool of this situation, and MAKE SURE you let the ref know if you have to move from one station to another for the tourny match, because they can’t DQ u if you are in another pool match (only situation) and u notify them ahead