Question about Pre-Order Iron Curtain Gems from Amazon?

Hi all,

Just wondering if the pre order gems from Amazon are supposed to be emailed to you or are they already in the box?

I ordered the Special Edition on 360 but it got totally smashed in the mail so I have to return it and haven’t opened it yet. Most preorder codes I get from Amazon are emailed to so I just want to be sure if I got it or not.

Thanks in advance!!

So the good news is that the Special Edition comes with all the gems; The “bad” news is that you don’t get an extra set of the Iron Curtain Gems for pre-ordering it at Amazon. The code to unlock the gems is on the back side of the Arcade Bank assembly instructions.

inoki’s my hero, i didnt have a god damn clue about the codes! i thought that i would just use the preorder codes!

fuck i could gave em away!

Oh! Okay that makes sense now. I had no idea either. Thanks a lot!

What about the pre-order Cross Assault pack? Amazon UK weren’t too clear on it being a pre-order bonus.

So I only found a “Cross Arts” pack listing, but confirmed that they too will be downloaded when using the code inside the box.

I haven’t seen an additional code from my Amazon preorder, but all of them were covered from using the code on the bank instructions.

I preordered the regular edition, but I haven’t gotten an email, or see anything on my amazon order page about the iron curtain pack. Where should I be looking (obv i don’t have bank instructions)

I can’t help with that, unfortunately. I ordered the Special Edition, myself.

I have the Special Edition. So the code inside the box covers World Warrior Pack, Iron Curtain Pack, Lightning Legs Pack, and for getting the Special Edition, King of Iron Fist GEM Pack(s) right? That’s a total of 36 Gems.

I got my copy from BestBuy.

So Amazon & GameStop are the only ones offering Cross Arts GEM Pack? For pre-ordering Special Edition. The Cross Arts GEM Pack Code found in the box is combined with the additional 36 Gem Pack Code correct?

I preordered the regular edition and the code was emailed to me on release day.

I threw away the paper with the arcade stickers that had the gem codes on it. I feel like an idiot. Is there any way I can get the code back? I e-mailed amazon but they gave me the amazon pre-order bonus code (only the defense gems).