Question about project boxes, D-SUB15, and vga cables

Sorry for the new thread, but I couldn’t find anything with search about this.

Currently, I have a PSX pad wired to a three row D-SUB15 connector. My intent was to place this pad in a project box, and connect it to my joystick box via a standard 15 pin VGA monitor cable.

I have a PSX to USB adapter for my computer, so I’ve been testing out the buttons with that. Now here’s where the problem starts:

I have my PSX pad’s DSUB15 connected via monitor cable to my joystick box’s DSUB15. When I short a single button with ground, I get this:

As you can see, it’s registering many buttons instead of just the single intended one.

To trouble shoot, I tried connecting my DSUB15s together with simple hookup wire on a breadboard, and every button worked fine. So I believe I’ve narrowed down the problem to my use of a VGA cable. I’ve tried different ones and I still get the same issue.

My question then is, what kind of cable is everyone else using if they have a project box setup? If someone can point me to a place where I can buy a simple 15 pin-to-pin cable, I’d be glad to wire my own hookup cable if it’ll fix this shorting problem.

Try shorting the pins on the PSX PCB to check that it is working 100%
(using a ps game that shows button inputs like a fighting game in training mode)
Then use a multimeter and test the pins on your joystick box.
Connect to gnd and then each pin one by one (but press every button on the stick each time)
It’s probably your soldering or a multi ground issue on the pad over the chance of anything wrong with a factory vga lead.

Thanks for the response, AMX.

I’ve just rechecked my PSX PCB by shorting each button with my common gnd individually, and they worked fine so my board is ok.

My multimeter is garbage, so I checked my joystick box’s end by hooking up the two DSUB15s together with 13 individual wires (4 direction, 8 button, 1 gnd), and it works fine.

The issue with the multiple button registers happens when I use a VGA cable. Is everyone else who has a project box setup with a three row DSUBB15 having no problems with a VGA cable?

I believe you need a DB15 cable not a VGA cable. If you use a multimeter to check the VGA cable you will find its wired differently.

Alright, I think I’ve found what I need is called a DB15 cable with straight through wiring. Just ordered one from a website, here’s to hoping it works.