Question about property of lunar phase move?



Hey just trying to pick up a pocket vergil to try and learn how to fight him but i was just wondering, say you DHC into vergil’s spiral swords from a combo that already used a ground your ground bounce, can lunar phase reset the ground bounce somehow? i thought i saw yipes playing spencer/vergil/hawkeye and he did spencer’s command grab combo in the corner with a bionic bomber(which uses ground bounce if i’m not mistaken) and DHC’ed into vergil did two helm breakers, threw round trip, lunar phase and it ground bounced???

Link [media=youtube]QCftnUbxVfk[/media]

it happens in the first game on doom, like the first 30 seconds or somthing…


Spencer’s Bionic Maneuvers resets the ground bounce counter.


tru say thanks man i was wondering what was up there