Question about protocol when entering someone's home with someone the homeowner doesn't know


Say you’re going to a friend’s house to pick up a piece of furniture they’re giving away and you’re bringing someone with you to help that the homeowner never met. The homeowner recognizes your vehicle and has partially opened the door for you, then gone into the kitchen. Do you

1: Go into the house first and introduce your help


2: Send the help in ahead of you and wait a minute or 2 before entering and hope nobody gets the wrong idea about a strange person suddenly just being in their home without notice


Why the hell would you do option 2?


EDIT: Ignore.


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Knock and ring the doorbell. If no answer, shout into the house. Wait a few moments…Don’t hesitate to make pleasantries with the neighbors if they happen to be in the yard or on the porch. After a couple minutes should try again, and if there is still no response, you should enter the house. Listen carefully for anyone in the house and if you hear movement call out clearly and loudly to them. Be prepared and have a business card/ID handy so there is no confusion.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


If that is the case, the OP is making it far more difficult than it has to be:


No doubt, these kinds of social situations can definitely be a little bit awkward!

Good tip!

Whenever I’m entering a stranger’s home without their prior knowledge or consent, I like to wear a shirt that says my name on it. I like to think it helps make everybody feel more comfortable.

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Still wear a shirt with my name on it.


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