Question about PS1 resolution on HDTV

Hey everyone

I have a PS2 I’ve been using t play my older games, and didn’t realize the resolution is super scuffed. (I just assumed the graphics were like that cause old, lol). I went and bought the PS2 to HDMI thinking it’d help but obviously it only works on PS2 games due to resolution. I checked to see if I can use component cables but I don’t have the option on my TV. What can I do to make the ps1 games look better without it being a blur?

That Pound or Hyperkin PS2 to HDMI adapter is terrible and isn’t worth the money.

You want a good signal adapter, most you find on Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress are garbage.

Here a list to look into from order of cheapest to most expensive
These support multiple consoles in a wide range of video formats.

GBS Control
Retro Tink 2X
Retro Tink 5X

If you just want to use something just on the PS1
the Sony PlayStation 1 RAD2X cable is great, its based on Retro Tink design.

Some people will mention the Micomsoft Framemeister XRGB-Mini, that product is discontinued, and since they been going up in price. It was made largely obsolete by the OSSC and Retro Tink 5X