Question about PS3 fightstick compatibility with Mac

I really didn’t want to make a new thread, but after waiting for three days after posting it on one of the threads and no reply, I decided this is the best way. This is a copy and paste:

I’m having a weird issue with my macbook pro. I have 2 OS: the mac one and windows 7 64 bit. When I plug in my ps3 se stick to the mac os, the mac recognizes the stick and it works fine. The buttons register fine and the turbo lights light up when I activate them. But when I switch over to windows 7 and test it there, the stick is recognized but the buttons don’t work and when testing the turbo, the lights did not turn on.

I don’t understand what the issue is and it doesn’t make sense why it won’t work on both os. Any help would be great; thanks in advance.

Could possibly (and I’m going out on a limb here) due to the USB drivers for Windows.

Same problem here actually. Mac OS is a 64 bit OS and it worked fine when I ran 32 bit XP though. Better than the xBox version drivers in some regards, since the switch changed joystick modality. I figured the PS3 stick relied on generic HID drivers due to the difference in behavior but I can’t be certain of very much.

Earlier I’ve noted that joy2key won’t run on my current install because Direct X6 isn’t installed. It’s just a thought but perhaps the necessary drivers for the joystick were reliant upon an an older uninstalled version of DirectInput that’s either not installed or incompatible with Windows 7? I don’t wanna monkey around with uninstalling and reinstalling right now since my Windows 7 activation period expired and I don’t wanna activate it until I know I have the precise HDD I want for it so I don’t waste one of my activations but maybe the theory can help…

Thanks for the help; I’ll try installing Windows xp and see how that works.

Only the Chun Li PS3 TE does this.

Update: Turns out I can’t install Windows xp via bootcamp because only windows 7 is supported (sigh). I guess I’m just going to get another te stick since I wanted a 360 one to play in both ps3 and xbox tournaments. Will any xbox 360 te stick work on my 13" 2011 macbook pro?

XP-32 runs fine under Bootcamp and I’m pretty sure it’s supported.

Afaik, Vista and 7 are officially supported; but Windows XP will work fine, eventhough it isn’t officially supported anymore.

@Topic: I’ve noticed superior HID-support on Linux & Mac OS X! As long as your device is recognized as a HID-input device, Linux & Mac OS X will most likely run fine! Here is a similar thread about the topic: MadCatZ PS3 TE FightStick: PC - Xp- vista- win7 32-64bit (read 1st post).

//Edit: I’ve looked up the internet about the TE’s compability with Linux: it runs fine. So it will probably run fine in Mac OS, too. But wait for some real confirmation first!

Xbox 360 requires drivers.

PS3 has problems with certain chipsets.

Best TE for PC is Chun Li PS3 TE, it is only one to output HID.

If you want HID on your Xbox 360 TE, dual mod with TEasy strike or Toodles’ Kittys for solderless, or be cool, solder, and use Cthulhu or ChImp. Then you get PS3 functionality for free. If you use the Kitty, you get multi-console, too.

Check your Windows USB drivers. Since OSX recognizes the stick, it might be that the USB isn’t installed correctly on Win7. You need the right drivers so that the system knows it’s UHCI.

Ah, you’ve just reminded me of something I’d read somewhere earlier d3v. If I recall correctly, UHCI won’t work with USB 1.1 devices on a mac running windows 7. The bootcamp drivers default to some other protocol when a USB 1.1 device is plugged in, so you need at least a USB 2 device. Strange but eh.

Anyway I booted into Windows just now and my 360 T.E. works just as fine as it ever did. (Windows still runs, I just don’t wanna screw around with my install.) Unfortunately this is going to be on more of a program by program basis, as the joystick only registers as a PoV hat under windows. Sooo Melty Blood works but Touhou doesn’t. That’s quite why I wanted to run Joy2Key earlier actually, so I could map the PoV hatswitch to activate the arrow keys. Also make sure you set the selector switch to d-pad mode too, otherwise you won’t get anything at all.

Yeah, I have both xBox and 360 T.E.s I figured that they were on sale for $100 a piece and I might as well future proof myself. Paid shipping on most of them though, 'cause Amazon didn’t discount them until after I ordered from Dell and the MvC ones I bought later had inflated in value… =\

As for installing XP, you can do it with some hackery or so I hear but trying to proceed with an installation as par normal, you’ll get rejected. The only version of Windows that’s supported on macs built after the 2010 Macbook Air is 7, which is the only reason I upgraded from X.P.

Also, I love my PS3 VLX… it never gave me any trouble running on my macs at all. Neither my 2008 iMac running 10.4 XP or my 2011 Macbook Pro. I’d prefer a 360 one thanks to the Kitty and all the old console support it could bring me but I don’t need one.

Yes, the VLX is officially licensed by Sony, it has the PS home button logo, just like Chun Li TE. They are both HID.

Looks like we’ve found our issue.

Thanks for all your help everyone. Looks like I have to buy another stick.

Could use a Cthulhu PCB or get a modder to put it in there for you. Keep the PS3 compatibility, and gain HID support for your PC. Would probably be cheaper than buying another stick.

Yeah, but I want to upgrade from SE to TE anyway. So if I get a madcatz TE PS3 fightstick, would the Akishop PS360 chip make the te work for my mac? I want the Akishop chip for the compatibility with all systems

If you’re going for Dual Mod with PS360, then 360 is easier with PS360. PS3 version will require soldering to use Turbo Panel, but the 360 version does not. 360 version, you can just cut up the existing wire harnesses to screw into the screw terminals for all of the buttons.

Plus, then you can sell the 360 TE PCB on Trading Outlet, they’re much more valuable than the PS3 PCBs.

I’m almost positive it’ll work with Mac on PS3 mode, but I’m not 100% sure if PS360 outputs HID for PS3 mode.

Thanks for the info. do you know where I can find out for sure about the HID output? I don’t want to spend a bunch of money and get screwed again lol. Or if I wanted to take the safe approach, would a madcatz first round or second round sf4 xbox TE suffice?

I’d ask around in the thread, as they’re the ones who manufactured it, so I’m sure somebody will know.

Xbox 360 TE won’t work nicely on Mac. It requires drivers, and since the drivers are by Microsoft, they don’t feel too kindly about sharing them with Mac. Yes, there are some non-official drivers out there, but I really haven’t had any good experiences with them.

Last question, sorry to keep bothering you like this. I think I’ll forget about duel modding and just stick to keeping it ps3 and mac. Would the chun li ps3 fightstick be 100% compatible with my mac?

Thanks in advance for all your help, I really appreciate the time you spend answering my questions.