Question about PS3 HDMI cable

I just upgraded my television from a 36" tube to a 40" LCD and connected it to my PS3. I am using a 6’ HDMI cable that I purchased off of eBay for about $7. So it is not exoribantly exspensive like you usually find in retail stores. But since I moved to the larger television and cheap HDMI cable, I have noticed how sluggishly my Ryu now is when I play. My online opponents whiz by me, without issue, but my own movements have a slight feeling of “lag” in them. I use a MC TE:S and my connection is via a 16/2mg wired to a gigabit router. I know my connection is fine. I just want to rule out the possibility of there being any lag caused a cheap HDMI cable being used. If there is correlation between the two, then I will upgrade to a better quality cable. If not, then my next step is to put my TE:S through a few tests to see it is the problem. If that goes alright then I will just blame it on old age (not too many 40 year-old SF players out there, I would imagine). :wonder:

Its the TV, what model TV is it?

Going from a lagless CRT to a semi-laggy LCD can take some time getting used to. Some brands lag more than others, but no matter what LCD’s all have a very small amount of lag. It just takes time getting used like I said. HDMI is HDMI, cheap or expensive. You wont get better gameplay from a $100 cable. The one I use for my TV cost me $2 shipped to my door, it’s a HDMI 1.4 cable and it works fine.

Thanks for the quick responses, guys.

Naturally, I discovered a FAQ here in Tech Talk, alittle while later after posting this, that may have shed some light on my problem. My apologies for that. But now I am wondering since many LCD televisions have this lag problem (I suppose it has something to do with HD post-processing and the way that consumer televisions handle it… if I got that right), if a product such as this, would help?

3 IN 1 High Definition HDTV AV VGA Cable for PS3/Wii

The way the FAQ here at SRK describes it, all of the ports of many LCD televisions cause gaming lag to some degree. All of them except for the VGA port which also supports all of the HD modes that the PS3 supports. My TV is an inexspensive DYNEX. I do not know the model no. off-hand.

Any thoughts before I mindlessly piss away $$$?

No cable or adapter will help you. It’s your TV. You’ll just have to get used to it, and soon you wont even feel that there is lag since you’ll be so numb to it on your own TV set. Even the best brands have lag, it’s just a matter of which model/brand/set has the least.

Changing cables wont help because it’s not about how the signal is delivered to your TV, it’s how the TV proccesses and displays the signal which causes the small amounts of lag.