Question about PS3/PSX/X360 Tri-Mod


Hi guys,

I’m going to be tackling a PS3/PSX/X360 tri-mod in a PS3 VLX Premium later on, similar to the job found here (scroll down a bit). Phreak Mods // Tri-Mod.

Now, for the first part, I’m going to do the basic dual mod to add X360 functionality (using fightpad and Imp).

What I’d like to know is that when I include the PSX PCB in, what do I need to do?

I know I need to piggy back the button/direction signal (and one ground) contacts to the PS3 or X360 PCB. Is there anything I need to do in terms of power? From the pictures on the site given above, it seems to be the case, but I’m not entirely sure what I do with it? Does the 7.7V and 3.3V go to VCC and Gnd on the Imp?

Thanks in advance!



No you don’t really need the imp at all
Treat it as a separate padhack. You don’t really need a switch since you’re using a separate cable so treat it as a dual mod to either your ps3 pcb or to your fightpad. Link the VCC from the usb’s vcc to the 3.3v instead of 7.7v. Best pads are digital pads for this.

I did this for hakami’s stick. If you’re in HW today I can drop by and if you need a digital ps1 pad i have 2 spare if you need them.


I’m going to use the imp for the PS3/X360 switching though? That’s what the Imp is for (remember, I’m using a PS3 VLX Premium as a base). And then afterwards then I’m going to tack on the PSX PCB.

But yes, I will be at HWs today so we can go into more detail and schematics too (nothing beats drawings for descriptions). BTW, what’s your real name? I like to refer to people with their real name and not their online monikers…and a short physical description of yourself would be good too… =)

But I do hope other people chime in their thoughts too!


its pretty much just the same as any dual mod, just link the 5v vcc to 3.3v on the pad.
also don’t plug both in at the same time

also i’ll be the guy in the grey shirt with a grey touque who looks physically and mentally exhausted :3


@ chowwun

Mr.Mortified is right, a tri-mod is the same as any dual mod, technically for this kind of mod, you can set up a almost unlimited number of PCBs as long as you remember Toodle’s 2 Golden Rules of dual/multi-PCB modding (eventually too many controller-boards will cause everything to be power starved).

  1. All PCBs must be connected to power
  2. All PCBs must be connected to ground (as in the ground from the system cable)



Haha… sounds good.

Many thanks to all you fine people of tech talk.

Also, Mortified, I’ll be there after 5… around 5:20, 5:30 ish. I work at Woodbine/Steeles…


ftfy :slight_smile:


I have a few questions as well. I will be wiring 2 PS360 PCB into my Kray cab. Do I even need to use the supplied wires with the PCB plugged into the part that says USB/VCC? This will be my frist time wiring anything so I’m going to have a buncha questions. How many ground wires will I need? Keep in mind I am not putting the PCB into a TE this will be wired into a dedicated control panel for use with 360/PS3/PC.


You don’t have to use the supplied wiring harness that comes with PS360, but it’s good to know that you can use a USB cord taken from any other existing sticks (from Mad Catz and Hori Sticks, etc.) and just strip enough insulation and solder the corresponding colored wires together.

Or you can just buy a Male A-to-B USB cord and just plug it into the designated area on the PS360 PCB.

And you only need one ground wire running through all the buttons and stick microswitches since the PS360 is common ground. However, you have several common ground screw terminals to choose from for your own convenience.


So I talked to mr.mortified yesterday and drew a schematic and like to ask whether it’s accurate (more so just the PSX part specifically)…

** Assume the ground for PSX is connected to the X360/PS3 PCBS via buttons/joystick.


I was thinking of something similar… but instead of padhacking I would like to know if is possible to make a dual mod using a PS360~Imp~Cthulu Multi Console PCBs? After all, both PCBs a commonly ground and almost the same size and design.

I want this way so I could use it on PSX/PS2, Xbox, GC/Wii (Cthulu MC) and Pc, PS3, 360 (PS360), I already know about the RJ45 detachable cables, so that’s no big deal at all, I don’t want to spend a lot of money building 4 sticks, instead only 2 sticks for 8+ consoles with their respective controller cables.

Is this even possible?


Its more than possible, its doable and more likely has been done already

Just keep your ps360 pcb on xbox mode at all times and follow any other tutorial out there to dual mod using a cthulhu


So I must connect the PS360 to set it and leave it in 360 mode… I’m assuming that the Cthulu with work with the PS3 without any problem at all… right?

I will look forward to any tutorial… hope to find them.

Thanks for your help Mr Mortified!