Question About PS360+ legacy compatibility


I was thinking about buying the PS360 for my Madcatz TE stick. I want to be able to use it for the retro (legacy) consoles, but i read that there are a lot of problems with games like shoot em ups for the psx, sega saturn etc
i was wondering if anyone had any experience compatibility issues with this on the PS360.
These are using RJ45

do these problems exist with MC cthulhu ?


I’ve had some issues with certain models of PS2 units (usually the fat PAL models), but I think AkiShop are trying to revise their firmware.


I did have a problem with the PS360+ detecting ps2 for CVS2 and I believed it was my RJ45 to PS2 cable. After making 3 different cables believing I created the cable incorrectly, I learned that sometimes the PS360+ doesn’t always auto detect and you will need to hold down a specific button to force the PCB to detect your system. Not sure why it happened but once I did that it worked after 40 minutes of troubleshooting.


Thanks for the quick reply! I wanted to get this because it seemed easy to do but now i’m thinking the cthulhu is better idea. Does anyone with a cthulhu have any problems playing legacy consoles ?


Multi Console Cthulhu is good, but is much harder to install. If you have low modding experience then I suggest asking a local modder.


yeah it looks pretty complicated. trying to find a local modder but none of them have replied. thanks a lot for your feedback :smile:


Cthulhu is my main legacy PCB of choice but yeah, your going to need some exp to solder a cat5 cable to that one.


do you have any problems with any games when playing it on the legacy consoles?
just wanted to know because if it has the same problems as the ps360 then that would suck


From what I remember only the PC Engine console had issues.


Thanks again you two. helped me out a lot :smiley:


The only console I’ve used it with was my Slim PS2 to play Sengoku Basara X. I haven’t had any problems with it auto detecting.