Question about psylocke into hypergrav



In a lot of MSP videos, I generally see something like this happen a lot in matches:

magneto will rom the opponent, normal jump short + psylocke, short (psylocke hits) hypergrav, continue romming.

What’s the point of this? I can think of maybe two or three resets off the top of my head that hitting them into psylocke would be useful for, but I rarely see them done. Most of the time people just continue romming.


The only reason why you combo psylocke off of rom is to setup an easy snap out or an unmashable tempest or a reset or a dhc. I’ve never seen anyone do rom into psylocke back into rom.


yeah…that would be pretty dumb

the ONLY way I could see that is if someone got a hit into a ROM…but the height/positioning wasn’t too perfect…so you could usually safely, mk, HG to try and get better positioning without worrying about messing up if they are too high or far or something.

another would be if they messed up ROM and NJed, they reacted to their error and made up for it by lklk+psy