Question about putting metal screw thredding (machine posts) into a joystick's "legs"

I’ve seen several joysticks that have what appears to be machine posts in the bottom of the joystick’s legs. I used machine posts on the bottom of the last stick I built, however the design did not have actual legs inside (I used wood screws to hold it together rather than glue), so I simply had a horizontal srip of 3/4x3/4" wood on the sides, and I drilled through it to make room for the posts. However, what I’m interested in for my next project is something more like this (credit for stick goes to dmauro):

My best guess is that this stick uses machine posts that are the same length as the stick’s legs, with a vertical hole drilled through each leg, and the machine posts are inserted before the top of the stick is permanently mounted. However, that’s simply my guess, and since I don’t claim to be the brightest bulb in the lamp store, I figured it’d be best to get some expert advice before cracking out the power tools. So, does anyone have any helpful tips about putting machine posts into a stick’s legs?

I’m no expert, but I think you can find kits for these posts in most hardware stores. Also, I’m damn sure you wouldn’t want to use a hand drill for making the holes. I’d use a drill press to keep things perfectly level when I’m mounting the posts. Good luck!

Sadly, I don’t have access to a press drill. However, my hand drill does have a level on it, and as long as what I’m drilling is stable I can usually get pretty precise cuts with it. Also, I imagine that I’d probably want to countersink the machine posts with a dremel, so that the top of the stick box will sit flat (also, I’d have more gluing surface through the tops of the legs).

So no-one else has any input?