Question about quick disconnects on the TE

so i just took my TE apart for the first time and as im removing the quick disconnects from the buttons i begin to think, does it matter which wire connects to the buttons. wait that sounds dumb haha.

what i mean is okay i know which 2 wires connect to each button but out of the 2 wires does it matter which way they connect? since each button wires are the same color i forgot which way they connect.

Just match color pairs.

The quick connect board has markings of what button corresponds with what pair of wiring.

No specific order really, no positive or negatives. Like Vietgeek said, just make sure both colored wires attach to the same button, red/red to one button, yellow/yellow to another button and so on.

One dirty little secret, I think the top row are all common ground, so as long as the bottom row goes to correct buttons the top row can be connected to what ever.

It’s actually the bottom row that is common ground.

Top row is the signal lines. =)

im confused now. so does it matter?