Question about quick disconnects

Stick with me here, I’m new to this.

I know that the HRAP 2 has quick disconnects, which allows you to easily replace it with snap in buttons.

I recently acquired a HRAP that’s been modded to work with the Xbox 360, so my question is, does it still have QD? I’m not entirely sure how they work. Is it the PCB that allows for this or the buttons? Thanks in advance.

It depends on whether or not the person that modded it for xbox used qd’s to begin with. They would solder wire to the pcb, and at the end of the wire either solder it to the button or put a quick disconnect at the end of it. The best way is to ask the person that modded it or open it up and check for yourself.

It would be easier to mod it with QBs though correct? He’d have to go out of his way to solder it to the PCB. Regardless, I’ll ask.

Qd’s connect to the button to the wire only. Wires have to be soldered onto the pcb

If its a 360 modded Hrap then there is a chance the wiring was redone. And from personal experience soldering is actually easier

i prefer soldering also. Qds are a pain to install and sometimes fall off after time.(moving the stick around alot) also a solder joint to the button wont break if done correctly.

only downside to this is if you dont know how to use a soldering iron well it will be hard to replace buttons.

Umm, what? Can you name one single reason why a modder wouldn’t use those wires? They’re there, they’re small easy to use wires. Hell, having those there is what makes the HRAP such a nice item to mod.

OP: The only way to know for sure is to open it up or ask the guy who modded it. We aren’t psychic. But, since removing them would be more work than keeping them, chances are they are still there.

Yeah you right the wires can be re-used. I was just thinking when the modder swapped in a 360 PCB s/he would use one with wires already soldered on. But yes, indeed you can use the Hrap’s original wires (with the QD) for that.