question about quick disconnects


I got a stick from china

and I’m replacing the buttons with red buttons, it’s held on with quick disconnects. They’re on there PRETTY tight.

is there a way to take these off properly? I’m scared to break the PCB.


you can get a small flathead screw driver and gently work the QDs off


thanks, do i use the screw driver again or should i use pliers to reseal it?


hi anyone happen to know the dutch name of quickdisconnects? :frowning: id like to order or buy um in holland :frowning:


You could use pliers to close them, but if they go on hand-tight I would do that instead. As long as they don’t fall off, they don’t need to be crimped on.


I use needle nose pliers to put mine back on. It’s not always necessary but it’s easier than over thinking it.