Question about R Mika. Can someone give me a tip?

So I’ve been practicing with Cammy’s timing to get better with her on casual matches before going rank. I played against R Mika and lost four times with her using this one specific combo. I been experimenting on how to break out of it. It’s her crouching FP and grab or standing FK and grab. I tried throw tech and jabbing. No luck. Any clues?

If you’re referring to her command grab then you cannot tech the throw, you have to use an invincible attack like an uppercut, a move that is airborne, back dash, neutral jump or back jump to escape it.

Mika’s crouching fierce is negative on block, and the only way that she can get a tick throw that she cannot be jabbed out of is if she is +3 or more on hit (like after f+hp [Lady Mika]). So, they’re either spacing the move PERFECTLY and you just have to backdash, jump, or reversal to avoid the throw, or you’re jabbing too late. Does you character have a 3 frame jab? If so, you’re probably 2 frames late. If your jab is 4 frames, I would guess that you’re pressing it 1 frame late.

Mika doesn’t need to be +3 to get a frame-perfect throw, just +2. Against characters that only have 4f lights, she only needs to be +1.

Okay. Thanks guys.