Question about Raging Demon and Oil Combination Hold

How many frames do you have to input these commands? Are they the same?

And what input do you put for a PLINKED raging demon? is it lp -> back + 3p +lk or am I mistaken?

Thanks in advance. I was asking this because I’ve been playing Akuma lately and I have been losing because Im not doing raging demon correctly.

i’m not sure if this is plinking, but this is how i usually do it.

if done right, you won’t see the overhead, or just a portion of it. it allows you to do demon point blank without a jab messing it up.

anti air-
down+Mk(lp+lp) -> back/backup+lk+hp
lowers your hitbox, punishes jump ins.

look up lordofultima’s videos.

To answer the OP, I don’t know.

Osiriskidd, that sounds more like Kara Cancelling.

it is, but it was the closest thing i could think of.

the other thing would just be lp+lp->back+lk+hp