Question about reading mixups

This mostly addresses Seth, since he gives me the most issues.

I have just no idea how to beat Seth, his mixups are crazy. I seem to always guess incorrectly. I can’t seem to see a pattern or habit.
Once the momentum is in his favor, I’ve pretty much lost the round.

He just puts so much pressure onto me :confused:
I know the mixups, yet he still gets me with them.
This isn’t a one-time-thing either. This has happened in every match I’ve had with Seth. Literally every single one.
Admittedly, I havn’t fought a Seth with less than ~2000PP before.

A few examples:
-Direction change after step kicks
-SPD (in general, I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t want to mash all the time just in case he delays to setup an SPD)
-Jump in when I’m cornered

It really frustrates me. I just don’t know what to take from these losses.
I thought maybe someone here can tell me how to get better at it.
Although I’m not sure if there is a way to improve at guessing correctly on a 50/50 mixup.

I would say that it all depends on the character you’re playing. Universally though, the short answer is to not get cornered, and to get in there and make sure he can’t do his mixups in the first place. Do some research on the matchup based off of who you main, and instead of worrying about what he’s going to do, try to focus more on what you want to do to stop him.

I do fairly well with Sagat against Seth. It’s not too difficult to keep him out.
But with Cammy and Yang, I have to approach him and surely I will make an incorrect approach at some point.
Then once I’m in the vortex, I very rarely make it out.
As I said before, I know my options how to prevent certain moves in certain situations, but I can’t seem to guess correctly like 80% of the time.

It’s probably because your playing Option Select Fighter IV. Chances are you’re guessing wrong because the Seth players probably have option selects that cover 2+ scenarios of what you do in response. I’d google “Seth Option Selects” and see if those look like what you’re getting caught by.