Question about replacing Happ stick/buttons

Hey. I have an Arcade-in-a-Box stick that uses a Happ competition stick and Happ concave buttons. The microswitches on the stick and buttons use quick disconnects.

I want to replace the competition stick with a Happ Perfect 360 optical stick, and the concave buttons with Happ convex buttons. Can I do so without modding the case? Will the new stick and buttons fit in the holes already made?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

The joystick should mount fine and the buttons are the same size. The only problem is that you’ll need to power the Perfect 360 stick with 5v. Found an old quote to back this up:

Much thanks for the response. I need one bit of clarification: what is this additional power I’ll need? Where do I draw it from? What’s the process? If you could link me somewhere that explains it I’d be super grateful.

I thought on their older sticks they soldered all the wires, and hot glued the buttons in place.

That’s not the case in mine. All the buttons have mounting nuts and quick disconnects.

Really? Then when did you order it?

Last year sometime? Possibly before that? Let me look it up…

EDIT - November 2007.

I know this doesn’t contribute much, but I was also surprised you were able to get a stick with QDs. In the AIAB thread Ed said specifically they don’t do them. I guess you lucked out.

What console is it for and what PCB/controller is inside? You’ll have the draw the 5v from that.

They definitely have them; my experience with joystick construction is limited but the stick has the same QDs that the buttons do. I’ve even disconnected them at one point.

It’s for XB360, and it’s a Mad Catz PCB. I took pics of it here:

Scroll down. You can see the QDs leading to the stick.

I’m thinking I should ask Ed if he left a 5v line disconnected somewhere inside.

I appreciate the advice!

Here’s the best thread on the subject. It sounds like you should be in good shape to wire this since Ed likely used a Mad Catz pad for the PCB. I’d go bump that it with your questions.

You’re awesome and I’d rep you again if I could. :tup: