Question about ribbon cable


Hey guys i was curious, does anyone know where i can find ribbon cable like pictured here. Thanks


I dont think you can… that looks like a custom wire set up that involved a lot of glue…


IDE cable.


ide cable hey thanks. I got a comp that busted up stairs that i can rip the cable from. dont kno why i did not think of that


That is one of our mods.
We are J&J SoCal Modding.

That was a present to UNW4NT3D for Secret Santa.

You cannot buy that because it is just regular wire.
We did not use ribbon cable.

It is called JDM Super Duper God Wiring, or whatever you guys call it.
But if you want close, then use IDE like suggested.
I don’t think it will look as nice though.


That is truly some beautiful wiring. i just dont get how you guys can glue the wire to look like ribbon cable


JDM super god wiring. YES!
I’ve yet to use it yet but I have 1 unfinished stick by Jinxz and 1 of mine being remade with clear bottoms and it will most certainly be going into 1 of them soon!


Thank you.
A lot of people like our service.

Did you see our Chun-Li themed wiring?

It takes a long time to make it so.

Enjoy it!
Display it!


That takes more work and concentration than I can muster in my whole life, holy shit.


That is really nice.

When you see mods with really nice wiring like this, don’t think, man, I wish I had those godlike wiring skills, too bad I don’t. Think, how much time and patience would it take me to do that? Then try it.


wow. this thread has inspired me to go rewire my TE. i got loads of IDE cables sitting around here. i also have some rounded IDE’s that would look great in the case. hey RoboKrikit what kind of stick is that? custom?


Couple more. Hope UNW4NTED doesn’t mind.


sexy work with wire and glue james…


jdm, what an art-IST (in posh and haughty voice) with the soldering iron.
Him and many others in tech talk have inspired me to lay down tracks and wire more cleanly (one side in my case)


An old custom from Timoe, who currently runs Norris Arcade Sticks. Hard to score one of his cases these days though.