Question about Rival Schools / Darkstalkers

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s hyped that a decent comic company finally got the rights to these two series. I shudder to think what would happen if they stayed with you-know-who.

Anyways, heres my qestion. Its obvious one of the things that makes the street fighter comics so great s that Udon actually cares. Thay played the games, know the story, and understand the characters. I was just wondering if the same can be said for Rival Schools and Darkstalkers.

I remember reading an interview with someone from Udon where he mostly ust talked about which SF cameos could appear in the RS series. Cameos are great, but I hope you guys are ready to make these two franchises as good as the one you’re already doing an excellent job with.

Does anyone know when the Rival Schools comic is going to be released? I’ve been hearing about it for at least a year now… I’m really excited about it but man I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.

what about ds? in the #9 issue of SF it has RS and DS on the back of the cover, and it says summer special. what does that mean?

The Capcom Summer Special was a comic that had Street Fighter, Rival Schools, and Darkstalkers all in one comic… but it was only sold at some San Diego Comic Convention, not in stores. Sucks… I really want to read it.

You can buy the summer special comic online at Darkstalkers will be realesed in november about the same time street fighter issue 12 comes out.By the time rival schools comes out in febuary there will be 4 darkstalkers issues out.Also street fighter eternal challenge book will be out october for 30 bucks.This information has been confirmed by udoneko.

There are also numerous copies available on e-bay, or if you have any friends that live in toronto, they could pick up a copy of the Rival Schools varient cover at the last con.

I like Sakura and would like to see her developed but not at the expense of the main Rival Schools character the way I see it is that she’s going to be the character that introduces RS to people who only know SF and only a bit about RS.

I’m glad Karins sticking around it seems logical to me

You can check for the Summer Special books and any back issues of our SF books. They are pretty good in keeping things in stock.

DS & RS was advertised under a different company before, and Capcom recaptures their rights and then we recently made a deal with Capcom to produce the 2 titles as well. DS will start in November, while RS is scheduled in Spring 2005. Ken Siu-chong, our SF writer, will also be handling the story of DS, and he is our resident DS freak. I myself will be plotting the stories for RS. And I must say that I actually played RS more than playing SF coz RS has the cheat bottons for doing supers LOL! And I like seeing different the super gang up combos of 2 characters a lot! There are a lot of stories to be told on all of the characters from the different schools, as each school has it’s different characteristic that contrasts from each other. Sakura will play a part, but so will all of the main players like Batsu, Hinata, Natsu, Shoma, etc.

I agree. Ive always been attracted to RS.
All their characters are somewhat original and interesting. Especially the character design…
It’s a shame RS was never as big as SF was…
Can’t wait till RS to come out, I know it wont be a disappointment :smile:

Is it hype or just speculation? The main sources or basis for these two comic will be the Street Fighter comic fans. Are there enough RS and DS fans out there? I have to say that I am only interested in these two comics because it’s being done by Udon Studios. It would also give me more reasons to visit my local comic book store since I no longer have to wait for only Street Fighter comics. While I have played RS and DS, I was never really interested in both of them. I even have the Dreamcast version of Rival School 2 and didn’t think much of it. It’s just not Street Fighter 2 good. As for DarkStalker, I was never good at playing that game and I didn’t like the Night Warriors anime. Donovan’s the main charater? Get out of here. The American cartoon version of Darkstalker, the one where a little boy is always traveling around with Felica, is a terrible cartoon. I’ll give these two titles a chance since Udon is doing it. Maybe they can clear up the story line of both these title for me.

bah it’ll take so long for rs to come out :sad:

glad to see a rs fan is working on it though :clap:

rs i my fav even more so than sf, i just wish that happend in real life, when i was still in hs :pleased: battling other schools hehe, i guess sf and ds will have to entertain me till spring 2005

i got the summer special yesterday an i read it.It was wonderful and i can,t wait for rival schools and definetly darkstarkers.The darkstarkers comic looks god like and i will buy every issue!I bet My favorite darkstarkers character pyron is gonna kick alot of ass when the darkstarkers comic come out!I give the summer special a :tup: