Question about running jabs

Ive seen people use running jabs countless times to pressure people.I use N kim chun and blanka. I have tried to do this technique with chuns running jabs and kims running shorts, both ducking of course. I cant seem to get it. Is there a special trick to it that im missing? Someone please explain in detail this technique for me…

Practice. I couldn’t get it at first and decided not to bother since I play A Groove anyhow.
But when I actually sat down and messed with it, it took all of 5 minutes. Think of it like any link kinda deal.
You know how to c.jab, you know how to run, and you should have a fairly good idea of how quickly your jabs recover (ex. from doing links and such).
Just combine that knowledge- run as soon as the jab recovers into another quick jab.

Again, practice. It’s simple.

Also remember that this is hardly an uncounterable thing here, you just use this to feel out your opponent and see how he reacts to pressure. If he does a random rc, uppercut, tries to stick out things, etc. Then once you train him you move on to countering those things.