Question about safe jumping in SF(Not a how do I..)

Hi guys,

So when I am playing SF4 online I usually safe jump, obviously I am not a pro so sometimes my timing is not right and I end up taking a SRK in the face. I know online is pretty much filled with mashers, but I had a question about the pros. Can the pros see when their opponent messes up on their safe jump and miss times it? Or do they just assume that they will not mess up and keep blocking just in case, because obviously there is money on the line. Because if they just block to be safe, in pro play you can basically jump for free because your opponent will just assume you are safe jumping.

I ask this because me and a friend were discussing how different pro play is from casual play, like saying you don’t really always have to look out for certain things because in pro play people just know you cannot get away with it.

Yeah well, they do, they know the safe jumps, they know the timing, you get the timing wrong and your screwed. watch POONGKO’S matches, watch up until he does a SPD, then watch seths feet, then watch what he does after. People who study this will be able to determine how many little steps he has to take for a safe jump, cross up, or safe jump dive kick to occur. thus being able to punish him.