Question about Sanwa JLF and round restrictor

Hi there! From what I’ve seen, the best stick of the Sanwa brand would be the JLF, but the only restrictor available for it is the GT-Y, which I’ve heard that is only good for playing 3S. Is that an absolute truth? I want to use it to play 3S, but also CvS2, ST and KoFXI, and I’ve heard that they require faster movements and thus, a round restrictor should be used. What are your thoughts on this? Also, is there any way to convert the GT-Y into a round restrictor, or does a round restrictor exists for the JLF?

Thanks for the help!

I love the square gate. Have yet to play 3S with it, but play CvS2 all the time, and have no problems at all.

There’s is no pre-made round gate for JLFs, only JLWs. You could fabricate the octagonal gate into a round one. I’m pretty sure people on SRK have done it before.

It’s all a matter of preference. Some people like the octagon because it allows for easier circular motions. I personally like the square. Just buy an octagon gate and see which one you like better since it’s only a couple bucks anyway.

No perfectly round for JLF. I prefer the LS-32 from Seimitsu it seems alittle tighter, but then again I go back and forth.

My problem is that I have already tried a stick with a square gate (the Hori one that comes with the Hori SC2 stick) and I found it awful. I just can’t handle the idea of the corners being more distant to the center than the edges of the 4 regular directions. I just can’t seem to grasp that concept. Or maybe the Hori stick just sucks.

Nashville_Ninja: I can’t use a Seimitsu stick on my case (as I said, it’s a Hori SC2; Seimitsu sticks won’t fit in it).

if you make extensive modifications to the JLF base you can fit the JLW base.

Are there any guides around to do this?

ive never done this before but couldnt u just take a octagonal plate and take a drill bit and make it a circle? alls you would need to do is line it up perfect to center and make sure it isnt 2 big.

Keep in mind that putting in the octagonal gate will make the throw of the stick larger. You’ll end up activating the switch for a given direction way before you hit the edge of the restrictor.

Other than that, go with what feels best to you. Some people prefer square, while others octagonal. There is no best. Just preference.

It would be very easy to mod the JLF 2-way restrictor into an 8-way round one.

Have you ever done that?

not that I’m aware, but I meant to say was if you make extensive modifications to the JLF base you can fit a JLW restrictor.

No but compared to other cutouts I’ve made it’s cake. Next time I place an order for arcade parts I’ll get one and mod it.

Why don’t you just use a JLW instead?

it will suffice to make 1 element, replace central key. I have project but I have not time to realize him:P

but I can say already now: spring is must alter also, on harder