Question about Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu LS

does anyone in here ever played both? can you tell the difference tension and throw distance between them?


I kinda like wanna know more about your hand on experience in details not just YA :china:

Read the website he posted. The information there on sticks is in-depth and pretty accurate.

Yes, they are quite different sticks. They feel noticeably different.

Half way down the page. Basically what he said.

JLF, LS-32 series, LS-40, LS-56 are all great sticks stock and are suitable for fighters.

JLF- over all fantastic stick. Good sized deadzone for fighters. Default spring is a tad loose for my liking. Many do not think it is suitable for shmups due to the light spring and larger deadzone.

LS-32 Good stick. Harder spring than JLF Small deadzone. I don’t like how the spring lets shaft jump up at edge of the gate. Reccomended for Shmups.

LS-40 spring feels like halfway between an LS-32 and LS-56 Solid stick. No shaft moving up like LS-32. Extra Small Engage would make it ideal for shootem ups.

LS-56 Heavier spring, deadzone smaller to JLF maybe and smaller throw. My favorite stick. Good for fighters and shmups. Needs MS plate to fit on a TE stick.

They are all really similar, they just each have slightly different feel.

LS-33 has a really light spring and short shaft, large throw too much for me, not sure i like it stock.

JLW Is actually really good but I see it being to stiff for some.

ya I know that site for a very long time. maybe I wasn’t clear and specific of what kind of reply I’m looking for. I was hoping someone who played SF4 using those stick and tell me their experience. like the feel of qcf or any moves perform easier between them and how they improve. I was kinda hoping to find a stick that will suit me because of all the stick I tried none of them feel really comfortable. so far seimitsu ls 40 is what I’m looking forward to.

Played on both, LS-32 is noticeably tighter and has a very small deadzone, but doesn’t require any additional effort over the JLF.

Between a stock JLF on a TE and a TE modded with an LS-32 frankly it doesn’t make a ton of difference.

If I were building a new stick I’d grab an LS-32, but if I already had a JLF I wouldn’t bother with the swap unless there was something wrong.

My 2 cents…

cool…great info, now I want the seimitsu LS 40 and 32 more than ever.

I found it easier to learn on the LS-32 (in fact I didn’t like the JLF at all at first) but once I got good I found that dashes and FADC and such were easier on the JLF. I find shoryuken>FADC>ultra a little difficult on the LS-32 but I can do it pretty much without fail on the JLF.

I won’t write a book here, but I used a lot of sticks, springs, gates, buttons, and switches to try to make everything ‘perfect’ for me. I’ve played SF for a long time, so I wasn’t bad at it, but I felt like I’d do best and be most comfortable if I could find the perfect setup, and how likely was it that the typical JLF + Sanwa combo would happen to be right for me?

So I tried Sanwa buttons, Seimitsu buttons, JLFs, modded JLFs, LS-32, LS-56, square gates, octo gates, circle gates, variations on spring tension, Sanwa RG switches in Seimitsu buttons, etc. I had years of prior experience messing with American sticks that I won’t go into here. I found things to like about almost everything I tried. Some interesting bits, all of course IMHO:

LS-32: Noticeably but not enormously tighter than the JLF. Slightly stiffer in feel, but the overall behavior of the stick is not radically different. The switches are levered so there will be a noticeable difference in feel from direct-contact switches. If you’ve used a Happ Super compared to a Happ Competition you might know the difference that I’m talking about.

LS-56: Very tight stick, quite stiff, very short throw. With a bat top and octo gate, this stick feels like what I would call a Japanese take on American (Happ) sticks. It is entirely unlike a JLF with an octo gate, which feels loose and sloppy IMO. I’ve recommended this stick to some people who were looking for the American feel in something that could mount in e.g. a TE, and they seemed happy with it for the most part. It feels more direct and notchy and precise than a Happ. In its default square gate balltop setup I don’t really get much out of it, but with a bat top and octo gate it is pretty interesting.

I never did try an LS-40, so I can’t comment there.

As much as I liked certain things about the variations I played with, eventually I ended up with a standard, unmodified, normal-sprung JLF. Square gate. When broken in, it is even looser than when new. This wasn’t what I thought I would want, but it seems to work the best for me for fighters. The ‘tightness’ and stiffness and short throw seemed like desirable qualities of the other stick, gate, and spring combinations that I tried. The accuracy of your motions would be rewarded with faster inputs and quicker reaction ability. But these same qualities also demand more attention and dexterity. It is easier to make incorrect inputs when all of the switches are very close to the stick at any time. The widely-spaced engagement points of the JLF make it simpler to make correct inputs.

That said, you can take almost any of the popular stick and button combinations and play SFIV. I ended up with a stock JLF and normal Sanwa buttons once I really gave them a shot in the long-term, though they didn’t feel right at first. If you’re really into messing around with sticks, I’d give several setups a fair shake, then settle on something and stick with it.

hey Unwanted and Robokrikit, thank you guys for great in depth info.

I had a similar experience but not as wide as yours. Mine was simply with the Sanwa JLF and the different spring mods, gate mods, balltop and battop mods.

I’ve tried using Seimitsu springs on my JLF since my only real experience with arcade sticks were on American. When I first tried a Japanese style stick I was pretty uncomfortable with it. I also tried Home Depot springs in my JLF and I didn’t like them at all.

Both Seimitsu and Home Depot springs ended up making the JLF feel like gutter trash and I reverted back to the normal JLF spring. Only thing I did to the JLF spring was stretch it out a bit. Haven’t screwed around with the spring since, to me its perfect now that I’m used to it.

I tried different gates as well. This is where no one can really guide you on what gate to pick, the people here are really saying the truth when they state its all about preference. But from my experiences with the different gates all I can say is that I love the square-gate for Bison and other charge motion characters.

Since my execution isn’t as seasoned as I would like it to be, I prefer the octo-gate over the square for circular motion characters. I prefer the larger throw distance on it because it makes it easier for me to perform correct inputs. Like RoboKrikit said about how it requires more acurate execution with the smaller throw sticks made by Seimitsu, I feel the same about the JLF thats equipped with a square-gate rather than an octo-gate.

I have to agree with RoboKrikit, if you have the cash to try out different sticks/buttons go for it then. That’s the only way to truly know which setup is for you. But if you don’t wanna go all out like Robo, you can always check out the octo-gate, square-gate and battop as a cheaper alternative.

thanks I will take your advice.