Question about sanwa OBSF30 buttons

I want my buttons to have a black border around them, just like this:
Sanwa OBSF-30, 30mm Pushbutton, Black/Yellow

i was going to order them but they dont have enough in stock to fulfill my order

I currently have both all black and yellow buttons, is there a way I can do this myself? I would experiment but I dont want to break anything

thank you

You can use a small screwdriver to push in the tabs holding the plunger in, so that it looks like this: Sanwa OBS-30, 30mm Plunger, Yellow

Then push into a different rim.

I’ve never broken one taking the rims off and placing them elsewhere.

Ha, I’m not a fan of push buttons, I always seem to break some of the tabs off after maybe taking them out 2-3 times.

Also yes, you can swap them out like Nerrage said. I did that, makes a nice look.