Question about screw in Buttons

So I have been browsing through all the wonderful Fight Sticks you guys have put together, and I just love the way the clear buttons look with the art inserted into them. I wanted to find some of these buttons, but can only find them in screw on form. I was wondering if this would be a pain to align the art in the button to the art on the panel when tightening?

If so, is there anywhere I could find the drop in clear buttons (I checked akihabara shop and lizard lick already).

Bonuse question - The links to the Mad Catz SE art template isn’t working, does anyone know where I can find that?

huh? u looked on lizard lick? no you didnt

it’s model ps-14-k for SNAP iN

He probably means the completely clear buttons like these:

As far as I know, there’s no snap-in version of those.

Thanks Kenshin Homa, guess that means everyone has had to deal with the art alignment issues, sure I can figure it out.

Answering to your initial post. No, its not painful at all. Just align the button to correspond the stick art and thighten it up.

Only thing you should be awere is that the art inside the buttons will propably move around while playing.

You can fix this by applying a little bit of glue to the white surface inside the button, or get thin two-sided tape to hold them steady. (I used the tape, works great).

You mean the Colorless or “White” version of those.
Because all PS-14-K, PS-14-KN are Clear.

As for the PS-14-K with no color, they do exist, I have them.
They discontinued like all Seimitsu PS-14-K.

The links do work.