Question about SD cards for cameras

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but would anyone happen to know which SD cards are good for say a Nikon or Canon digital camera? I’m hoping to get something that has maybe 4 gigs, but when I look at futureshop there are some SD cards that are cheaper even if the space is the same. Would anyone also happen to know of any sites that have SD cards on sale and is a reliable seller? Thanks for your time.

I used to have a powershot, I bought a Sandisk 2GB SD card. The quality of non-sandisk branded SD cards has varied from the reviews I read. Some people have no problems but I’ve heard more negative things then positives about them.

When I upgraded to a DSLR I considered buying a different brand Compact Flash card but instead I just bought another Sandisk. I haven’t had any problems with either cards ever.

If you are going to want like ultra quality and such you are going to want to get a ultra II sd card (i think thats what they’re called). They look like gold and black with a splash of red. You can get them at Best Buy or Circuity City.

-Tha Hindu

I know once in a while sells sd cards, I bought a 2pack of 2gb SD cards for 7.99 plus 5 bucks shipping. They were a generic, but they haven’t failed on me and I use them a lot.

Sandisk’s are great, honestly it’s the only brand I’ve used (I use CF not SD, but the brand’s the same so it doesn’t really make a difference) so I can’t comment on other brands really…

If your using a P&S with a good ammount of MP’s get a regular or Ultra II. I use extreme III’s but thats only because it uploads to my comp faster, it really doesn’t make a difference in camera. Even in a camera with 10 FPS I didn’t notice any difference… so ultra II’s are plenty fast and shouldn’t give you any lag time.

Just get whatever’s in your budget, you just dont need to splurge for Extremes or even Ultras if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for the photos to upload to your comp.

Oh yeah! Assuming your in the US… wait for costco to have a sale on cards… seriously it ends up being an awesome deal. I think last time they had 2GB Ultra II’s for 15 or 20 bucks