Question about SE Fightstick repairs

Has anyone bought the Madcatz SE fightstick, had problems with it, sent it back to Madcatz for repairs, and actually gotten it back yet? Was it fixed properly and how long did it take?

I’m thinking about buying my first stick but I don’t know anything about modding and I’m not good with tools. The SE Fightstick seems to be better than the Hori EX2 but I’ve heard a lot of people are having problems with it. I don’t want to get it only to have to wait another month while it gets repaired. Obviously if I could find it I would buy the TE Fightstick but they all seem to be out of stock right now.

Get out. There are tons of threads about this.


I did a search and found stuff about how to fix it and extremely long threads about people reporting their complaints but I can’t look through that thread to find if anyone has actually sent it back and gotten it fixed. Sorry if you guys are bothered by all the newbie’s on the forum asking these types of questions, but I did do a search and wasn’t able to find this specific answer. If it has been asked, please just link me to it and I’ll go away. Really sorry if I missed it in the search.

So your excuse is that you’re lazy? Or is it that you have problems reading?

I’m not trying to make an excuse. Of the three possible relevant threads(although none are asking my exact question), one has over 500 pages, one has over 30, and the other has over 50. Why would I read through all that just hoping someone asked a similar question to mine when I could make my own thread asking it?

I’m not asking how to repair fightsticks myself, I don’t even have one yet. I’m wondering about using the warranty to have madcatz repair it for you, and how long that takes and if they really do fix it for good.

Seriously, I understand your sentiments about people asking the same questions, but I didn’t see another thread asking this, and if I could get an answer that’d be great.

If you think I’m lazy because I’m not willing to read through hundreds of forum pages to find a simple answer when I could just ask it, then I guess I am lazy.

Well, you’ve laid out your dilemma. Unfortunately, no one knows the defect rate on SF4 sticks. EX2s seem to have better quality control. The MadCatz warranty turn around isn’t exactly fast. If you have no plans to mod and just need a stick, you should probably go with the cheaper EX2.

Finally a real answer. Thank you very much KOAB.

I didn’t think the repair time would be fast because if there really are so many defective sticks they probably have a long queue to fix.

Is the EX2 available in stores still? I’ll call my local stores tomorrow and ask and then I’ll also check online, but I don’t want to buy used or from ebay at a higher price.

Also one more question, do you think that the next batch of SE fightsticks will be better? I know there’s no way to know until they’re out but if they are I might just hold out for one. I’ve heard they’ll be available again next month.

Highly doubt you’ll be able to find one not on eBay. You’re not the only one looking for any stick.