Question about setting up PS3 Online network.?


I have PS3 and want to use the online Playstation Network. Can I use my DSL modem to hook up my PC to the PS3 or do I need a wireless router?
I currently use a DSL modem with a usb cable and have an ethernet slot open on the modem. Can I run an ethernet cable from the modem to the PS3? The PS3 would be about 25 feet away in another room.

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Wrong forum

looks at Wii Online network title

Go to Online Forums/ Playstation network


This is the Wii forum.

Dude why you asking about PS3 on a wii thread? but anyways im going to answer your question,

get a 25’ or 30’ long ethernet cable and hook it up to your modem, it should work good, thats how i got it, my computer is in the living room and my ps3 is in my bedroom, so i got a 50’ ethernet cable and its working pretty good so far.
go to ebay and get one, here is a link to help you,|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50
im not saying go and buy exactly this one, so go and check and you might find anoter one a little cheaper than this one.

or you can go wireless, but i recommend you wired connection.

If your PC has two ethernet ports you can do it, if you’re on WinXP then go to Network Connections and right click on the connection with the DSL connection, Properties, Advanced, then set it to share connection.

Then right click on either one, Advanced, set Firewall Properties, Advanced, select the PS3 connection, Settings(the one next to it), ICMP then allow the redirects. I forget if it needs the Services there allowed as well.

until wireless conns get better stability i do the same wired all the way but i have got a 50’ cable too those things last for YEARS i think this one my ex gf used to choke me with it when i played halo

How much connection do u lose with Wireless compared to wired?


it depends on how close the router is to your system and how strong of a connection its having at the time. id suggest if you can use a wired connection then go with that.

BTW, is it wrong to still post in this thread?