Question about SF Anniversary Edition stick


What are the parts (joystick and buttons) that come standard on the Street Fighter Anniversary Edition joystick? Are they Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ?

The only understandable tutorial for making a custom Xbox 360 joystick requires this particular joystick to mod. I’m looking for the easiest way to make a custom stick because I have NO experience with any of this. Thanks!


They’re Happ wannabes that can be swapped with real Happ parts. If you have any more questions ask away.

*Edit: You don’t actually have to buy this stick to swap out a 360 controller’s guts (PCB). The process will be similar for any stick.


I appreciate the reply! I’m looking for tutorials on making my own, and I’ve seen some where you just solder the two wires from the corresponding buttons on the xbox 360 controller to the corresponding arcade button/joystick.
However, I’ve also seen people who use disconnects and switch hubs, etc. I have no experience, so I am leaning towards the process of just soldering the wires, yet I don’t know which buttons and joystick would work in that process.
Also, I don’t want to get all the materials together and do a half-assed job and ruin it all! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Depending on your woodworking skills, the SFAC stick is actually not bad, assuming you want American-style (i.e., not Sanwa or Seimitsu) parts. It has tons of space on the inside to work with, so you can get a large PCB and be relatively sloppy. I modded one of these for a friend with a Cthulhu (PS3 PCB), and the whole process took maybe two hours, the bulk of which was spent swearing at a USB cable for not going through the hole at the bottom.


I don’t have an anniversary controller, I was just using that as an example. I would have to make one from scratch. Also, could you explain exactly what a PCB is? Is it something that is on the xbox 360 wired controller?


PCB means Printed Circuit Board. It usually looks like a green card with a bunch of electronic components sticking off of it. These are the ‘guts’ of a controller.

Making a box from scratch takes a considerable amount of effort and tools… are you sure you’re up for that?


I have the basic 15th annv. non-Happ stick and just modded it to work for 360 here It seems easy enough to switch out buttons etc. if your interested in doing so.



Yeah, it does seem like a lot of work, which is why I’ve been looking for tutorials online. The information i find here seems to be more complex that other ones I’ve found.
Some I’ve found just say to soder the two ends of a wire to the PCB and soder the other end to the buttons/joystick. As opposed to the information found here, it sounds like a piece of cake, but I’m not so convinced–which is why I’m here asking questions.
Thanks again you guys for taking the time to help me out.

I was looking at getting a sanwa joystick (JLF) and the sanwa buttons (OBSN-30), would I just be able to soder wires from the PCB to the corresponding sanwa parts?


You’ve gotta look at what you want to do… you want a X360 stick… US or Japanese style controls? Does it need to work with other systems? Are you into the art on the SFAC ? Those SFAC’s are expensive now to just gut unless you like the style… if you want something to really mod out, I’d start with a custom box.

If you want to start with an existing platform, for a US (Happ) style stick maybe find a Pelican Real Arcade… the system won’t matter if you plan to drop an X360 PCB in there. Or if you want Japanese style controls try to score a SF4 Fightstick SE. It’s super easy to add Sanwa or Seimitsu parts to.


I would like it to be as inexpensive as possible. The one thing I don’t want to be cheap on is the buttons and joystick. I like the feel of Japanese parts better, so I would like to get sanwa parts. I can build a custom box myself, and I’m not too concerned about any artwork (I’ll save that for a later box, if I ever build another one!). I don’t want it to work for other systems, just the xbox 360. I don’t want anything special, just a custom box that has 6 buttons for street fighter, and the two other buttons for “guide” and “start”.

I want to build everything from scratch–would I just be able to soder wires from the xbox 360 PCB to sanwa buttons and joystick? Or do I need disconnects, quick releases, etc?


As long as you feel comfortable hacking the pad you can solder straight to your buttons, although for neatness sake you’ll probably want a terminal block in there. People like to use QD’s so if/when a button goes bad you can easily replace it. If you’re ready to go from the ground up, get yourself a box, some parts and a pad to hack and start going to town! Your stick ain’t gonna build itself! Good luck! :tup:


Thanks again!

I hate to ask, but what exactly is a terminal, an HD, and how would I work the soldering into these two items?
(My apologies in advanced, I am new to just about every aspect of this…)


This thread answered alot of my own questions! Thanks to the OP for making this thread and everyone that had a helpful reply. :clapdos: